We believe in the joy of unwrapping something great. Thoughtful gifts are perfect for showing family, friends, and neighbors that you care - or shop for yourself. Community does not have to be about where your live but about the people in your life.  Show those close to you how much you care with giving a gift just for them from LuxHome Gifts.

Raised in a small community, we have a strong foundation that friends are family. Through LuxHome Gifts we want to share the first of quality products, thoughtful gestures and warm hearts. Our goal is to curate a collection of amazing products and do the heavy lifting of creating remarkable personalized gift boxes just for you-our community.

Explore our little online shop often for new and exciting items as we grow. Don't ever hesitate to send a message with your personalization needs- we're happy to help. That's what community is all about.  


-Daniel and Sara